Saludos, bem-vindo, and welcome to IU’s Latino Studies Program!

This is a dynamic and exciting time to become involved in Latino studies. Latinxs are a growing population that occupy every facet of American society, actively shaping American and global society. Locally and nationally, Latino studies is a vibrant, burgeoning academic field of study and the Latino Studies (LATS) Program has a rich history at IU. Since its official founding in 1999, Latino Studies has been at the forefront of Latinx life at IUB, a home for all those on campus interested in Latinx communities and peoples. Over the last few decades, we have expanded in countless directions: the number of students we serve, the places we study, the very idea of who we are. No longer confined to any one nationality or ethnic group, Latino studies is interdisciplinary, intersectional, and a recognized field of academic study.

We are a gathering of diverse but committed faculty and students. Many come from Latinx communities across the United States and with ties across the hemisphere. Our faculty and students appreciate the supportive, collegial, and intellectually energizing environment that is LATS.

Collaborative + Interdisciplinary

In its interdisciplinary collaboration, Latino Studies combines the best that IU has to offer. Our courses combine rigorous disciplinary training with interdisciplinary research methods that more accurately explain the complexity of Latinx peoples, sharing our communities as a starting point. Whether in art or performance; history, politics, or sociology; literature, music, or culture: our courses illustrate how Latinxs define themselves in the twenty-first century, and in turn, how our changing nation works. LATS courses introduce students to the nation’s growing and diverse Latinx populations, and we are very pleased to offer both an undergraduate minor and Ph.D. minor in Latino Studies!

The Latino population of Indiana is among the fastest growing of any group. Latino Studies at Indiana University is expanding to meet the growing student demand and our students and faculty continue to grow. We regularly collaborate across the College of Arts and Sciences and with other schools to offer programming and events on issues affecting Latinx communities from a broad and multifaceted perspective. Our faculty come from wide-ranging fields, including History, Political Science, Gender Studies,  Sociology or Spanish; and the Maurer School of Law, the School of Education, the Kelley School of Business, and the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Our faculty are experts in diverse topics affecting Latinxs including issues of race, immigration, citizenship, voting rights, Afro-Latinidad, performance, and aesthetics.

Our mission: Empower, Advance, Engage

Our mission is to empower individuals with skills and concepts to better understand Latino communities; to advance innovative research and scholarship on Latino cultures, histories, and social conditions; and to engage students, scholars, and the larger community in collaborative projects, civic programs, and service learning.

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